The music has a pulse…  The hungry revellers do-not.
Jack Foster’s life has fallen to pieces, and now it’s time to pick them up. Sex, drugs and alcohol have long blinded him to the one person that matters to him; his daughter. Now, however, he has a chance at radical redemption.

Jack is nothing but bold, he will take the gamble… and the risk. While one profitable weekend of business at the upcoming music festival could set him up to be a proper father once again, more than financial ruin awaits if it doesn’t go to plan.
A sickness is spreading, and crazy crowds spell catastrophic danger. . .
A festival of feverish, exhilarating tension with a rock ‘n roll crescendo that unleashes hell itself, this is not for the faint hearted.
KILL TONE proves the perfect blend of decadence and undead carnage, whilst never losing sight of its predominant humanity.
KILL TONE– A standalone tale, read it now, no need to wait!
THE Z SEASON– a series of standalone books that don’t hold back and all with a zombie twist…


Terror is spreading. Chaos abounds.
 The future has never looked so bleak . . .

The drama builds to an explosive finale, as the series one trilogy culminates in CAPITAL FALLING 3 – RESURGENCE. 

As military operations to save London from the Zombie Apocalypse meet with ruin, the Rabid virus appears unstoppable. Heart-breaking losses continue to mount while the city crumbles — along with hope. Will those who’ve survived find refuge, and can fate, itself, be escaped? 


Ferocious action escalates, sentiment spikes
as the streets run red, and black smoke rises.
White-knuckle thrills await the reader.  Just don’t lose your grip . . .


The threat of London falling into oblivion is real, the Rabid Zombies are real, is there any chance of this great Capital City fighting back?
Andy Richards battled hard, against the odds to get his two children to relative safety when the infectious outbreak hit, the horror fresh in their minds. Now — Faced with an impossible ultimatum, Andy is forced back into the fight to save London, putting the people he loves most in danger.
London in chaos, the mission extreme, choices are limited. Will the help of Special Forces tip the balance in Andy’s favour? – Only time will tell!

The ride doesn’t relent and neither does the emotion — Capital Falling 2 – Denial — doesn’t hold back, that isn’t an option!


Former SAS soldier Andy Richards is no stranger to horrors, but no training could ever have prepared him for the nightmare unfolding at home. While a viral epidemic hammers London, Andy finds himself trapped in the epicenter, forced to protect his family. Together with his young daughter, he leads a small group of survivors toward latent refuge, all the while searching for his missing son and infantryman; this is the ultimate game of survival.
With those infected displaying brutal, inhuman behavior and caught up in a climate of martial law, no one can be trusted. Old connections may help to unravel this mystery virus, but the resultant hellscape means Andy and his group meet danger at every turn.

Stakes are high, and failing means a fate worse than death… 

The perfect tale for troubled times, Capital Falling delivers dark thrills and surprising sentiment — twisted, cerebral fun. You’ll race to the end like your life depends on it…


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