Capital Falling 4 - SEVER

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—   Their sanctuary was hard-fought,
but could the cost to remain, be unimaginable   —

Against ferocious odds, Andy Richards managed to fight his way through the viral outbreak that decimated London, escaping a city of undead creatures. Now, he and his children have found sanctuary at a beachside village in Devon, and long-forgotten hope begins to return . . . but is it truly time to relax? Despite having made it through zombie hoards and sinister military factions, they cannot yet let their guard down.

Mentally and physically altered by his experiences, Andy needs time to collect himself, but will the authorities allow it? Can humankind afford his absence from a struggle that could see the end of humanity itself?

Powerful forces are drawing him back and personal ties weigh heavily… Andy must act, for the stakes continue to escalate and a shuddering reckoning draws closer.
SEVER, the thrilling return to CAPITAL FALLING — and a standout series in the genre — will bend the mind with wicked ease and terrify to the core.

★★★★★ Like a bar of chocolate, you can’t put it down until it’s finished!

★★★★★ The Best of the Best!
★★★★★ Unstoppable Capital Falling, you won’t be able to put it down.