Capital Falling 5 - ZERO

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As chaos deepens, the fight for survival is relentless!

Having shown their self-serving hand, the merciless authorities are scrambling to find a solution, aiming at last to contain the viral outbreak that has wholly ravaged London. No quarter will be given, and Andy Richards is their quarry.

The focal point remains ground zero, where every form of brutal experimentation is still on the table… in the frantic struggle to stem the rise of the ferocious undead. With desperation surging, grasping for a remedy may stand, instead, to poison mankind. Though down, however, Andy is not out. His resolution knows no bounds. As driven by an unrelenting mission—securing a future for his loved ones, and possibly for mankind itself—he’ll soon be forced to prove himself . . . and face impossible choices.
Capital Falling — Zero marks a vital stage in the battle to wake from a spreading nightmare of ferocious infected creatures. A resolution could be possible, but so might the unthinkable.

Again, Lance Winkless raises the stakes, and pushes readers to the brink . . . it will be impossible to look away!

★★★★★ Like a bar of chocolate, you can’t put it down until it’s finished!
★★★★★ The Best of the Best!
★★★★★ Unstoppable Capital Falling, you won’t be able to put it down.