Capital Falling 6 - BREAKOUT

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— Sometimes, One Man Can Make the Difference —

Containment of the infection is slipping, and the quarantine zone has been breached. Ferocious undead creatures are on the move. The breakout has now begun. What lengths will the military go to in order to hold the line at this point? To stem the tide and save humankind?
Andy Richards is wounded and ill-equipped to fight the hungry hoards. His family is scattered, stranded in the line of fire, looking for hope. With the powers that be breathing down his neck, his task may be impossible. But boasting formidable grit, he vows to never give up—to never give in . . . to only sleep when he’s dead.

As the state prepares for a total onslaught, Andy will make his final stand and try to save the species.
BREAKOUT, the gripping finale to the captivating Capital Falling series delivers unrelenting drama, drawing you into its vice-like grip. You better hold on to your seat because the road ahead is rocky. You won’t want to miss a beat!

★★★★★ What an amazing and emotional way to finish the series.
★★★★★ Oh boy Lance can certainly write!
★★★★★ Would make a great movie!