Capital Falling 3 - RESURGENCE

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 Terror is spreading. Chaos abounds.
 The future has never looked so bleak . . .

The drama builds to an explosive finale, as the series one trilogy culminates in CAPITAL FALLING 3 – RESURGENCE. 

As military operations to save London from the Zombie Apocalypse meet with ruin, the Rabid virus appears unstoppable. Heart-breaking losses continue to mount while the city crumbles — along with hope. Will those who’ve survived find refuge, and can fate, itself, be escaped? 

Ferocious action escalates, sentiment spikes
as the streets run red, and black smoke rises.
White-knuckle thrills await the reader.  Just don’t lose your grip . . .

 Capital Falling Book 3 – RESURGENCE
The drama continues in book 3, Released 1st March 2020
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