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 Dreams lie on the other side for those who dare cross Hell itself 

A black cloud hangs over the city — something malevolent, sinister, evil. Wicked forces are fast at work and time is running out. Life might never be the same again, but hope may lie in the hands of one reluctant hero . . .

The grim task has fallen to Detective Cal Chambers to discover why grotesque bodies are appearing in the streets and alleyways of his city. The bigger question: who — or what — first sucked the life from these souls

The city’s struggle mirrors his own life which is in a heartbreaking downward spiral and his job is taking up more and more of his time just when he should be taking a step back to fight for his family — something inevitably must give.

One dead body follows another . . . Apocalyptic chaos ensues when vicious attacks on the general public by ferocious zombified creatures break out in the very heart of the city. Chambers is forced to recognise a sprawling conspiracy far more ominous is at play, one that threatens to swallow the city and perhaps the entire globe — unless he stands up.

His trial will be one of pulsating horror

Foundation Day is a deliciously dark, adrenaline-fueled thriller, frenetic fun — a story packed of raw adventure, grit and bloody gore.


★★★★★ “Will Make You Laugh and Cry with Emotion…”
★★★★★ “Leaves you Breathless!”
★★★★★ “Would make a great movie!”