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Loss can lead to manic rage… Can it foster ultimate redemption?  

What lengths would you go to retrieve something dear to your heart? Something precious and irreplaceable? Would you bend the rules? Or shatter them completely? For a chance to win back the one you love, would you risk being swallowed by shadows and succumbing to utter madness?

Deserted by his wife, Jonathan Bradley refuses to accept an ugly new reality. Certain that his marriage can be salvaged, he sets upon a perilous path with scant regard for principles. The only aim —pure victory— will spark a set of consequences, wicked and indelible. He’s soon to find when you alter one’s mind, you may just be left with a monster.

CRUEL FIX is a terrifying trip through the labyrinth of loss and lunacy. Bleak and sinister it may be, but spirited humanity retains a twisted shard of hope . . .
Though all that glitters isn’t gold, and all that walks is not alive.

Prepare to be infected!
CRUEL FIX – A standalone tale, read it now, no need to wait!
THE Z SEASON – A series of standalone books that don’t hold back and all with a zombie twist…

Praise for CRUEL FIX
★★★★★ Wham! Bam! You’re caught up in a zombie outbreak for real!!!
★★★★★ A marvellous addition to the brilliant Z Season series!
★★★★★  Great Read.